Must Watch Movies Of Brad Pitt

Must Watch Movies Of Brad Pitt

 Legends of the Fall (1994)

This film starred Brad Pitt before he had made it big in Hollywood. Although the film would not be counted among his most memorable ones, it does deserve a mention because of the raw talent that Brad Pitt displayed in the film. The film is visually appealing and although, it was panned by some critics for being unoriginal, had a good reception at the viewers’ end and also brought Pitt in the eyes of the viewers and future collaborators.

 Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Rarely does a remake of a classic film turn out to be as good if not better and more successful than the original. And 2011’s ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ is one such example. Apart from the fresh style of director, Steven Soderbergh, it was the stellar cast that drove the film’s success. Pitt and company were basically good friends off-screen as well and their chemistry clearly shows in their performances. Also, when you’re placed among half a dozen fellow A-listers, you need to make sure that your work stands out. And Brad Pitt just did that. It’s true that George Clooney was perfect in the role of Danny Ocean, but Pitt himself was not far behind. His cool and charming demeanor made his acting look effortless and made Rusty’s character even more charming.

 Snatch. (2000)

Troy (2004)

The role that probably emphasized the most on Brad Pitt’s looks was that of Achilles in ‘Troy’. Pitt was since ‘Troy’ seen as an actual Greek God for the sculpted body and looks he had. However, his performance was supported by a brilliant performance as well and the result was a critically and commercially successful epic that can not be imagined without Brad Pitt playing the role.

Moneyball (2011)

There is something extraordinary about Brad Pitt playing an ordinary person in a film. When he did it for the second time in 2011 after ‘The Tree of Life’, in ‘Moneyball’, the result was an Oscar nominated film and an Oscar nominated performance. He perfectly embodied the role of Billy Beane and the character was far more realistic an vulnerable than his previous roles. It sure must have been challenging for Brad Pitt but the result was way too believable and distinguishable from his megastar perception.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Brad Pitt worked with friend and frequent collaborator, David Fincher, in this flick. The groundbreaking character transformation as Pitt plays a man aging in the reverse direction accompanied with incredible visuals helped Pitt get first Oscar nomination in the leading role category. The film is breathtaking and is one of the finest performances of Brad Pitt.

The Tree of Life (2011)

Terrence Mallick’s 2011 fill, ‘The Tree of Life’ has been widely recognized for the artistic style it uses and its philosophies. The film garnered enough critical acclaim but the hard to understand style of storytelling used could not attract many viewers. The film needs multiple viewings to be fully understood. Nonetheless, Pitt played the role of Mr. Obrien perfectly and his complex relationships with his family were portrayed well.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

We just could not have waited for Brad Pitt to collaborate with Quentin Tarantino. Even though none of us could have guessed the direction in which the collaboration would have gone. The result was one of Pitt’s best characters in the long list of roles he has played. Lt. Aldo Raine was a ruthless and terrifying despite ever getting physical. Brad Pitt mastered the character perfectly. Right from the accent to his appearance (the unexplained throat scar added mystery to his character and made it stronger).. And particularly the part where Brad Pitt pretends to be an Italian guest in Germany is just pleasing to watch as a cinephile. The film had many highlights such as Christoph Waltz’s performance and the high-tension dialogue. But Pitt made sure that his relatively short performance stood out as well.

12 Monkeys (1995)

Fight Club (1999)

One of the coolest characters ever written, Tyler Durden could not have been played better by anyone but Pitt. Pitt basically plays a character that every man would dream of being like. He’s smart, charming, witty and an epitome of masculinity. His dominating role is matched by a powerful performance that would leave the audiences exhausted if they tried to catch up during the first viewing. The film has achieved a cul


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