Best Horror Movies To Watch In Netflix

Best Horror Movies To Watch In Netflix

I have had people think ) I wrote this list of the ten scariest movies (again, this is Netflix’s data, not my own choices), or that B) it’s totally bunk as most of those movies aren’t scary. I actually agree with that second point, most of the movies on that original list are more gross or disturbing than scary, other than a few, so that might be why people are turning them off. Or they just don’t like them.

I wanted to write my own list as a follow-up. Not of the ten “scariest” horror movies on Netflix because everyone’s “scare tolerance” is different, and honestly, there just aren’t that many horror movies on Netflix, so it would be hard to populate a list based on fright-factor alone.

10. The Invitation (2015)

The fact that this is a horror movie almost spoils where this seemingly peaceful, albeit unsettling, dinner party is heading, but I definitely recommend this at it features great performances from a largely unknown cast, and is (relatively) light on the gore compared to some of these others.

9. The Babysitter (2017)

One of two Netflix originals that makes this list, The Babysitter is here partially because I’m in love with star Samara Weaving, but mainly because it’s actually a really solid campy horror movie that flips tropes on its head. Here, the attractive teenagers are the villains, hunting down a child who saw too much, and great performances from Weaving, Bella Thorne and a constantly shirtless Robbie Amell make this worthwhile.

8. Teeth (2007)

This movie was on the original “too scary” list, but it’s actually more just gross. That said, it’s still a great movie, as a girl discovers she possesses an…unusual defense against sexual assault, and you might be able to guess what that is from the title. This one is hard to watch, but worth it.

7. Gerald’s Game (2017)

The second Netflix original I liked, this is…debatable whether or not this is horror, but there are enough elements where I think it qualifies. Carla Gugino is amazing here, trapped, tied to a bed as her husband dies of a heart attack in the run-up to sex. What follows is a test of her will to live and a mind-bending exploration of her character with some truly unsettling moments.

6. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Here’s a full-on horror comedy for you, a movie that I saw years ago, but has stuck with me to this day. It’s almost the opposite of The Babysitter, humanizing two “terrifying rednecks” who do not in fact, want to kill any nearby teenagers, yet through a series of bizarre accidents, the damn kids keep dying all the same, making the central duo look guilty. Great work by both Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine here.

5. The Descent (2005)

I was glad to see Netflix had one of my favorite older horror movies on here (older meaning pre-2010), but the female-only The Descent is a fantastic bit of monster horror, claustrophobic, intense and unforgettable. I cannot recommend it enough, though you should probably skip the sequels.

4. The Babadook (2014)

I may not be quite as high on The Babadook as everyone else was when it was released, but I still recognize it as a great, deeply weird, very memorable horror movie. I can barely even explain the concept, as it’s something you’re just going to want to see for yourself, knowing almost nothing about it going in.

3. Train to Busan (2016)

“Zombie movie” might be its own genre somewhat removed from horror at this point, but I’m still going to count it for the purposes of this list. And Train to Busan is not just a zombie movie, South Korea has made probably the best zombie movie I’ve ever seen, an absolutely harrowing, thrilling film that is more intense than anything else I’ve ever seen in the genre. If only The Walking Dead was a fraction of this good.

2. The Conjuring (2013)

The only movie to make the “too scary” list that I can actually agree with. While most of these other movies lean fairly heavily on gore, The Conjuringdoes not, and there’s a reason it’s spawned a billion dollar horror universe between it and the Annabelle movies. The Conjuring is a masterclass in horror filmmaking, and will be one of the only films on this list I will guarantee will scare you.

1. It Follows (2014)

For my money, It Follows is quite simply one of the best horror movies…ever. The concept is bizarre; if you’re “cursed,” a demonic manifestation that can look like anyone will slowly walk toward you, wherever you are, no matter how far you run, and if it finds you, it kills you. When you die, the thing will turn to find the person who cursed you, and the “curse” is passed from person to person like an STD. Literally, it’s sexually transmitted. That sounds like the lead-up to a lot of nudity and titillation, but It Follows is the furthest thing from that. It is incredibly disturbing and constantly tense to the point where it’s difficult to watch. But it’s an incredible horror film, and one that easily tops this list for me.


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